T.V. Show Time Team blows my mind

Being a historian, I am attracted to history shows. So it is no wonder that I have become obsessed with the show called Time Team.


However this show never fails to leave me speechless with its view on archaeology. This is a typical conversation I have with the show.

Them: well, you can see here what is the start to a wall.


Me: wait, how can you tell that’s a wall? It’s just dirt with stones scattered around.

Them: (15 minutes later) this wall was constructed in prehistoric times.


Me: how the hell….


Employment in the U.K.

My main goal when I decided not only to continue my education to get my Masters (amazing I know) but to do it in the U.K.

Ever since I studied abroad in 2009-2010 I fell in love with Europe. And to undertake a major degree I needed to go to school in an English speaking country.

Now I’m into the final stretch of my degree, having finished my 6 week placement at the Roman Baths in Bath, I now have to think about jobs.


In a perfect world I would have been offered a job from my placement. But the world isn’t perfect. I loved my placement and I am very lucky to be asked to continue on as a volunteer. But it’s so hard for a US resident to get a job in the UK without help. So this is where I am, heading towards the finish line of a degree that could let me do something I really love but more than likely having to move to a place that I don’t love.

What’s a girl to do? Anyone want to get hitched?

What would you do

What would you do to stay in a location that you love? Would you break the law and not worry about proper visa paperwork? Would you take a job that paid under the table? Would you bend the law to fit into what you need?

Does anyone have a british male friend/relative that would like to get hitched so I can stay in England?