My night with Neil Gaiman – short and sweet

So I had the privilege to attend Neil Gaiman’s first official date of his book tour and can I just say he is amazing and if I could group up to be anyone, it would be him.

That’s right Neil Gaiman is my spirit animal. Deal with it.

I also got a signed copy of the new book (which he read from and just those two excerpts alone tell me this book will be amazing.)


This isn’t a review ( come on, I like to read but I can’t read it that fast) and there won’t be a review from me at any point in the future as of right now.

This is just a little post to say thank you Neil, workers for Toppings book store, and workers at the forum theatre for deciding to set up this opportunity for fans of many of Neil’s works to come together and just bask in the presence of an amazing man.

As a side note- I seemed to have attached all the Americans to my section of the theatre.


My unusual relationship with Neil Gaiman

*Spoiler Alert*- the next sentence will make you cringe and dismiss me.

I have never read a published Book/Comic by Neil Gaiman, and yet I am a devoted fan of his.

shocked_kidz_at_pc_smI was first introduced to Neil (not literally) back in 2010. At the time I was following a cake decorator on Twitter (@OverlordMarie). She made a cake for Wil Wheaton  when the wOOtstock tour stopped in Minnesota.

Heres a link to Marie’s Blog about the event -> wOOtstock Blog by Marie

Neil Gaiman via Celebration Generation Facebook page

Neil Gaiman via Celebration Generation Facebook page (Foreshadowing his run with Doctor Who perhaps?…)

After that Neil popped up in my Twitter feed at least once a week from lots of the geeks I was following retweeting him. I figured why not and clicked follow myself.

Thats how I got to know Neil, through twitter, his blog, and anything else he posted.

Of course his work is no longer a mystery to me, I love Doctor Who and truthfully Neil’s two episodes he has created for the show rank in my top 5 favorite episodes.

But now he has a new book being released -> The Ocean at the End of the Lane

And I am lucky enough to go to a talk and book signing this Friday 14th June. But the book is the bonus for this event to me (actually the book is going to be a gift to my Brother for his birthday, i wont even read the book).
I am excited to meet Neil and just listen to his life story, everything else will be icing on my already delicious cake.