Dear Jenny (AKA The Bloggess),

You already know part of my story. After coming into a surprise bonus from my job, I decided to spend that money on purchasing toys for the Toys for Tots drop box at my job. I matched the bonus with money from my own pocket and inspiring my store manager to donate some toys as well.

Well after reading your post about your trip to the store for Toys for Tots, I have a challenge to issue to your followers. I know a lot of them already donated to many of the charities you promoted including donating Angry Bees to farmers and Project Night Night. But I want to see if they could spare just a bit more.

I challenge your followers on twitter and your blog, myself included, to find a local charity and make a donation in the last few days before Christmas. Just that simple. And if they can take a photo of the item(s) they are donating or the receipt of their purchase or just create a post on twitter about the charity they are donating to and tag the charity (if they have an account) and use the hashtag #charitychallenge2013.

What do you say? Will you take the challenge?


New York’s 9/11 Museum

I just read an article about the new museum dedicated to the events of 9/11, which leaves me a little upset.


It is not a secret that there should be a memorial to this event, but what they are classifying as a museum just…isn’t. A museum is a location that presents exhibitions on subjects or events, but it after a time there is a new exhibition that comes in to replace the old one.


This ‘museum’ is just a memorial behind glass. At best it can be gallery that brings in artist representations of the event every few months.

What makes me upset is that museums are not memorials. Museums inspire creative and critical thinking about events a visitor might not have a intimate knowledge of. Unless the museum brings in a non-bias view of the events on 9/11 I can only see this museum appealing to the radical Americans who want to place the blame on peoples from a culture instead of the few people responsible for the attack.

Why I am glad to be in the U.K.

I am not happy with Americans right now, I’m not happy that Zimmerman gets to walk away from his crime without rightful punishment, I’m not happy that some Americans are claiming America isn’t racist, and i am definitely not happy with the fact the people who also believe Zimmerman should have been convicted are now posting his Address on Twitter and claiming its okay to go after him.

Yes he is a horrible man, but what right do you have to state he is fair game. We have a Justice system for a reason, even if that justice system fails. If we didn’t have the justice system our country – which claims to be the most powerful country in the world- would be no better that the Soviet Union, or Nazi Germany, or Rwanda etc.

emotion today = disgusted

What would you do

What would you do to stay in a location that you love? Would you break the law and not worry about proper visa paperwork? Would you take a job that paid under the table? Would you bend the law to fit into what you need?

Does anyone have a british male friend/relative that would like to get hitched so I can stay in England?