What a day

This past Tuesday I had a very important interview with a very predominate Museum here in the UK that would have changed my life (that’s not a embellished statement, it really would have changed my life. it could have given me the opportunity to stay in the UK for 18 months.)

I heard back unofficially today from one of the interviewers that I even though I made the cut from 130 applicants to 8, and that I thoroughly impressed the interviewers with my knowledge about aspects of the position and some of the artefacts that was presented at the interview, I did not impress them enough to be chosen.

The position has gone to another and they accepted.

Now I knew deep down that the chances for me to get this position were slim and that it should have just been an honour to interview with this museum, but I am hurt. And I have cried, and probably will cry some more.

I think the most upsetting thing about this is knowing that I made a significant impression with most of my interview, but fail to get them on my side.

It would have almost been better knowing I had bombed it totally because then I could change everything I did and be better, But now I stuck here, knowing I was good, but somewhere I could have been better.